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Wasco has over 15 years of experience handling the pharma cargo for the pharmaceutic laboratories in the region, as well as temperature sensitive cargo. Our personnel is well trained to handle the pharma cargo, the Unit Load Devices's for Envirotainer, CSafe and Opticooler. Our warehouses are prepared to plug in and charge the various Unit Load Devices's we receive from our customers, and we can consistently monitor the temperature settings for the cargo. All of this expertise and resources assure that the quality of the pharmaceutical products is maintained during the process of loading, unloading, transportation and storage.
We have the necessary facilities to handle various types of perishable goods, such as different types of flora and refrigerated products. Western Aviation can provide the services required for the transportation of horses of various breeds at the quarantine faculties: Pegasus. The transportation and handling of dangerous goods is done accordingly to the current regulations. For more information you can see the official guidelines of the FAA and ICAO.

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